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COVID-19 and its Impact on Infusion Site of Care

COVID-19 has amplified patient expectations about the quality and safety of care, particularly for the growing number of patients with autoimmune diseases. New provider alternatives for ongoing infusion and injection therapy are reshaping how and where specialized care is delivered.

Quantifying the Real Impact of the Pandemic

More than 23.5M Americans are affected by an autoimmune disease, with the prevalence of these conditions on the rise

Provider-administered autoimmune therapies for the top 10 specialty biologics were down 45% in May 2020 in comparison to May 2019

The CDC estimates that one in 31 hospital patients acquire at least one healthcare associated infection on any given day

About IVX Health

IVX Health is a leading provider of infusion and injection therapy for those with complex chronic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis and other conditions.  IVX Health’s national footprint of outpatient infusion centers are conveniently located in the communities where patients live and work. IVX Health’s experience-first model includes amenities such as flexible appointment scheduling with evening and weekend availability, guaranteed private suites, high-speed Wi-Fi, flat screen TVs with streaming TV and movies, and comfortable recliners with room for guests.

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